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The Pluto Platter was renamed the Frisbee in 1958, but it took longer than that for the new moniker to be adopted in Aptos, especially at the Ralph Rhodes Ranch golf course. Wine was the preferred drink during a round (likewise during the annual Easter egg hunt), and extra commendations were handed out for not spilling during a fairway drive. It was advantageous for the younger players to have a large party, for the local club pros would generally accept a handicap of playing with a hand-me-down sub-par platter. Craig and Glenn were the distance champs, and Ralph was the master of the one-footed trick shot.
Although the actual holes did change over the years, and special course rules were added to accommodate the presence of frisbee loving dogs, here is the course layout as I remember it.

Aptos Frisbee Golf Course

  1. From the patio to the bush at the end of the lawn
  2. Starting on the road, between two trees and back over to the propane tank.
  3. Through the hoop and into the pig scalding tub.
  4. All the way to the barn.
  5. Around the barn to a tree.
  6. Back up and through the tire.
  7. From the barn to the tree in the turn-around.
  8. Over the house and into the bush.
  9. Up the hill and hit the cork tree.

I’m sure I missed some details and some special holes, so please send me corrections and additions.

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  1. OK – Here’s the course as I (Craig) remembers it. !) From the front porch to the shrub on the lawn.
    2) From the sand pile, on the road, to the big tree on the circle
    3) From a flat area near the tree, to the big tub, on the other side of the
    4) From next of the tub, the the silver stake at the end of the fence line
    5) From next of the stake, around the corner, down to the loquate tree
    6) From close to the tree, thru the guide wire, on the power pole, and the knob
    7) From the pole, to the water spicket near the tub
    8) From near the spicket, thru the hoop on the end of the fence
    9) From on a flat spot on the lawn, thru the hoop (only one way) down the drive
    to the tank on the side of the barn
    10) From the corner of the barn. thru the truck tire
    11) From the corner of the garage, up the right side of the house,to the big tree
    (Beer break)
    12) From the top step area, to the palm tree on the lawn
    13) From by the palm tree, to the butt of the sequoia free
    14) From the sequoia tree, around the patio,to the gas tank, near the cork tree
    15) From the cork tree, down to the loquate tree
    16) From the loquate tree, to up to the cork tree
    17)) Walk to loquate, from there up to the plumed cedar at the end of the lawn
    18) From the plumed cedar, to the loquate tree – the end !!