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After the memorial service for Betty, we met at Vic and Marsha’s home in Aptos where Marsha had prepared a wonderful dinner for us. Since we are renting out the La Selva Beach house, we didn’t have a local place to host the out of towners, and Vic and Marsha were kind enough to host us and even serve us dessert. It was so nice to see Craig and Glenn, I wish they could have stayed for dinner. Here are a few photos that I took that afternoon.

But first, here is the poster I made of some of the photos I’ve scanned. We had a copy on display at the church. Hope you enjoy it.

Oh, and check out this video I made based on the poster.

See Betty

Betty M (Summers) Rhodes

This is the poem that Jim wrote for the the memorial program.

5 a.m. May 19

now in the predawn quiet
with stars dissolved at last
dull sky –surrendered spirit–
in solace overcast

no light to frame a shadow
no birdcall echoes forth
such calm and silent meadow
–tomorrow at its birth–

before the memories gather
toward what pain or joy there borne
first a pause, yet pause much faster
than a loving heart’s last turn

soon comes the waking chorus
–this serenity will pass–
but the day will set before us
every blessing that it has



Rod Beard


Jim Rhodes

Tim, Elaine, Ruth, Kevin and Lauren

Tim, Elaine, Ruth, Kevin and Lauren


Virginia Beard


Barbara Rhodes


Don Rhodes


Lynn Rhodes


We’re getting old

Barbara and Vic

Barbara and Vic

Jean, Jim, Ron and Barbara

Jean, Jim, Ron and Barbara


Jim and Ron Rhodes

Craig and Jim

Craig and Jim

Marani's Home

Marani’s Home


Don Rhodes


Kevin is entertaining

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