Jul 182010

Here is a nifty Flash powered gallery of some old time pictures of Rhodes and their kin.
Click on the picture for the gallery of more pictures.

Henry Ralph Mildred Les Cecil Bertha Earl Vonie

Rhodes Clan

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  1. Not a minute to soon to share our stories of this wonderful family and a family so full of fun and interesting memories. Mine was of the familys dinners where I sat between uncle Les and Ralph and one would pinch and said the other did it and we laughed and laughed til we we told to be quite. Uncle Les always called me spider because id look all funny when Id see one. Great idea Love to all Virginia

  2. I remember those family dinners at the ranch. The big long table with everyone telling stories and laughing. Everytime I’d look down the table, Uncle Ralph would have his head out looking back at me – winking or making a face doing something to make me laugh. One time someone put a tape recorder under the table to record the stories. When we went to play it back we couldn’t hear the stories because there was so much laughter. That just made us laugh at ourselves even more. Any reason to laugh.

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    I loved to visit my Uncle Henry with my Father, George Miller, at the Ranch. My sister Lynne and I took our Daddy to the Ranch for a visit before the last Misenheimer/Rhodes Reunion in Santa Cruz. I especially remember a haunter house somewhere down in the orchard. Thank you for doing this.
    Our connection is through your Aunt Grace Mabel Rhodes Miller.