Mar 242015

OK.  This comes out just like it was. On Don and Lorna’a wedding, it snowed in Redding, which Lorna was ecstatic over.  It was also the game between the 49ers and Raiders, both teams headed for the play-offs.  Now, some of the attendees held season tickets, and, were upset that the wedding was that weekend!  I was an usher, and, to break the tension, instead of asking “bride or groom?” for each entering family, I simply said – Raiders on the left, 49ers on the right. The 49ers won the game, but, a new kid for the Raiders, Kenny Stabler, played a short time. The wedding went off without a “hitch”, and all were happy!


Lorna, Sarah, And Don

Not Don and Lorna’s wedding nor is it 1970.