Jul 202010

On a trip to British Columbia in about 1985, Barbara and I went to Canada with Mom and Dad. We had High Tea at the Empress hotel in Victoria. Near the end of the snack, we were getting our money out and remembered that we were in a foreign country. We never bothered to exchange our Yankee dollars for Canadian, and we were trying to decide if  we should tip the waitress and how much. Dad had put some bills on the table but decided that it was too much, but when he went to take some back the waitress unexpectedly showed up and caught him, so he threw all the money back on the table and we ran out the door. I managed to snap this shot as we laughed all the way down the street.

_Ron Rhodes

Jul 182010

Well, here’s a story about my dad and Les.  Our TV reception was quite poor, and the antenna was on the lawn.  So, my dad heard that if, IF, you’re getting poor reception, clean you’re antenna.  Ralph out “cleaning the antenna” and Les stops at the top of the driveway, on his way home from work, he yells down, ” Ralphie, what are you doing?”
My dad yells back – “Cleaning my antenna!”
Les replies, “What’s the matter – ya gettin’ a dirty picture? !!”
Ralph and Les

Ralph and Les